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The Via Vacare Team

At Via Vacare you will meet different kind of people. Of course we have our friendly and welcoming staff, who love to serve you and make your stay happy. And often you will meet the founder of Via Vacare, Jet Kellner who will be your host and yoga partner. Jet will be there three months at a time, especially in high season. Ratu her foster son and contactperson speaks very well english and is famous for his big smile and interesting wisdom of the cultural indonesian life. The other guests you will meet are from different nationalities, all attracted to and looking for natural non-touristic environment.

The staff of Via Vacare counts five people, four people come from Gili Gede and follow Islam. One person comes from the main land and has a Hindu​background. It is a friendly, open, easy going, hospitable and committed team of people, who cares for Via Vacare and their guests. They all have their own special quality to serve in a nice and hearty way.

They feel like a big family and the management is focused on empowering the staff in working together, discovering own skills and respecting each other skills. Many guests appreciate contact with our staff, which has given them more insight and knowledge about the life in Indonesia, on Gili Gede , the culture and the religion.





The founder Jet Kellner

The founder of Vacare is born in Surabaya (1952) and grown up in The Netherlands. Her name is Jet Kellner. In 2006 Jet realized that time had come to make a big change in life. After years of hard work with great and sad moments she decided to give up her house, relationship and job to start a resort on a tropical island.

A resort in the place where beauty, magic and a loving atmosphere will inspire people. Jet's philosophy is based on her believe that to practice the art of doing nothing is very healthy and productive. If you can really get away - take a real retreat for a week or more - the opportunities for healing, renewal and inspiration multiply.

Jet has experienced how important this kind of sabbatical has worked out for her own wellbeing in her own life. So finding a solemn spot like Via Vacare and developing her resort was like following her heart to offer this experience to others. Every day free yoga and meditation sessions, nature, sea and lovely healthy food will help to find energy again.

Jet has been a student of the Tibetan Lama Sogyal Rinpoche for seven years and her former job was coach, trainer and developer in community organizations. She followed intensive courses of yoga in Thailand and India and welcome guests to join her daily practice in Via Vacare. She is also a passionate cook and a lovely host. In Via Vacare all her talents come together.

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