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Facilities & Services

Common Areas

All meals are taken communally in the main house. On the ground floor is our large open kitchen and restaurant with atmospheric tables. Also located here is a library, games, water, tea and coffe station as well as a separate massage room.

Dotted around the resort, our guests find many places to rest and be. Berugas (sitting platforms with roof), hammocks, sun chairs and more invite you to relax. In front of main house is an open lounge room, with nice bamboo chairs with pillows. 

The big yoga and meditation beruga is the place to join the everyday sessions and of course you may use this also for your own practice. Yoga mats and pillows available.

Internet and electricity

A generator takes care of electricity twice a day for 3 hours. Just enough to keep the beer cold and to charge all mobile phones. At night we used charged led lamps, solar lamps and candles.

Internet connection is possible, although worse and better at certain times.

The best is to use for your phone a Indonesian simcard( simpati/telkomsel); for  5 euro you can have enough megabyte for a whole month  to open your internet and WhatsApp and for  some extra credit you can cheaply call and sms.




The traditional Indonesian way to shower using fresh water and beautifully crafted buckets and bowls.



On Gili Gede but also on closest mainland is no bank or atm. The nearestby atm is 2 hours travel away. So bring enough cash. In via Vacare it is also possible to pay with euros or transfer by paypal.


Visum extension

If needed we also can take care of extension of visa. A one month visum (visum on arrival) can be extended up to two months, and a two months visum can be monthly extended up to maximal 6 months.



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