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Yoga and meditation

Our offer of yoga and wellness suits the philosophy of the art of doing nothing. Many guests appreciate the participation of yoga and meditation as a beautiful start of the morning. You work on physical and spiritual wellbeing without the pressure of  obligations to meet.

Yoga is about finding the balance between relaxation and effort and to realize it furthers  achievement. In meditation the wind, the waves, birds and insects, the sunrays, all contribute to let go and feel the power of the here and now.

The yoga session is from 7.30 to 9.30 AM. We start with half an hour of formal sitting  meditation, followed by warming up exercises and the 5 Tibetan rites (exercises that rejuvenate and vitalize). After this the practice of sun salutation and other yoga positions will be done  and  finally will end in deep relaxation.

The yoga session is based on so called chakra yoga and is mainly based on meditation. The experience of Via Vacare proves that beginners, both young and old are able to  join and enjoy the yoga. The introduction to yoga and meditation has often caused guests to enroll in yoga classes at home. For other experienced guests it has been a great opportunity to continue practicing yoga in the holidays in such a beautiful site.

It is possible for yoga teachers who stay at Via Vacare to offer yoga sessions if they are interested. Yoga sessions are only offered in high season or when yogateacher is in Via Vacare.

The big yoga and meditation beruga is the place to join the everyday sessions and of course you may use this also for your own practice. Yoga mats and pillows available.

Free for package guests, 50.000 a session for non package guests



Snorkel equipment is available, so are water shoes and fins in various sizes.  You will find a nice reef ashore from the bungalows at a 100 meters distance. Guests can book a snorkeling tour with the Via Vacare boat to nearby islands and even more beautiful coral reefs and white beaches. You may also use our small 2 person traditional fishing boat to row yourself.

Free use for package guests. 50.000  a day for non package guests


Great snorkeltrip with our own boat. The trip will take 4 hours and visit 2 islands (gili Ringgit and Gili Layar) with beautiful coral, snorkeling ashore or from the boat. We will cook a picnic lunch on the beach, provide coffee tea and water, a fresh coconut (if available) and mats to sunbathe or lay down in the shade.

Price: 100.000 per person (minumum 2 people) for guest with package, 150.000 a person for non package guests





Arranged tours & more activities

We offer some other activities and tours to our guests. Join our staff to the market in the early morning and experience the shopping and trading at the local market in village Pelangan on the mainland, arrange a private boat tour around the islands or explore Lombok´s capital city Mataram. Make a walk along the island, vist the plastic cooperation shop of local women, climb up the hill to see the sunrise and all islands around, visit the school, use our small boat to paddle around, or just enjoy your reading in the hammock. And always possible to arrange a one or more days tour to do some sightseeing on the mainland Lombok



In Indonesia massage is often given as the first treatment of headaches, stress, tired muscles before going to the doctor. Often they do not need to go to the doctor after the massage because the massage has already stimulated the healing powers of the body !

If there are guests who are interested in experiencing a good massage, Via Vacare invites massage professionals from Bali or the mainland. They may also try the local tukan pidjit (massage healers) of Gili Gede.

If guests are trained in massage and are willing to give massage treatment, they are very welcome to make an arrangement with the management of Via Vacare.

If you want a local traditional massage, we can arrange it for you. A professional massage from main land is possible only in the high season.



Via Vacare has a nice library with novels, thrillers and philosophical books in Dutch, English, and other foreign languages. There are also a lot of magazines and  some games.


Guest offers

Several guests, especially who stay longer have chosen to offer some of their talents or contribute in other ways to other guests or to the local people. We always welcome and support this kind of initiatives. Here are some examples:

Shiatsu sessions

After the first shiatsu workshop I felt that shiatsu has an immediate and positive affect on body and mind. For me, yoga and shiatsu  support and inspire each other mutually during practice. It is an experience that I would like to bring to and have others participate in as well. And it seems such a wonderful opportunity to give this to the Via Vacare guests on Gili Gede!

- Marga Bijvoet, yoga teacher and shiatsu practioner

Foot reflexiology

Reading the website of Via Vacare, I immediately felt I would love to go there. To do the things that make me happy and also have this holiday feeling! So I am looking forward to offer my massage to Via Vacare guests and contribute to this piece of paradise.

- Zorah, therapist foot reflex massage

Yoga and mindfulness

I spent  5 weeks with my 12 year old son in Via Vacare . I  very much enjoyed the opportunity to give my yoga sessions to Via Vacare guests in this relaxed atmosphere and inspiring surroundings. And I was happy to welcome a few guests to join my course back in Holland!

- Marjan Hulshof, yoga teacher and trainer mindfulness

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