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The Island of Gili Gede is located in tropical Indonesia between Bali and Lombok, South West of Lombok island - at the coordinates  -8 ° 44 ' 45.60 ", + 115 ° 54 ' 57.60".

If you would like us to arrange your transport, please send us an email. Here are the current rates to / from:

Airport:                      350.000 IDR
Lembar Harbour:        250.000 IDR
Mataram:                   300.000 IDR
Kuta:                         450.000 IDR
Sengigi:                     350.000 IDR
Bangsal:                    450.000 IDR


Route to Gili Gede

You arrive from Bali in Praya on Lombok by air (around 25 euro one way), or in Lembar by boat (35.000 rp, depart from Padangbay). To reach Gili Gede you have to go to the small harbor Tembowong, near Pertamina station, a few kilometers before the village called  Pelangan. From Tembowong you can cross by public boat or charter a boat to Gili Gede.

The price to go to Gili Gede depends on your negotiation skills  and can be reached via different routes and means. For example instead of a personal taxi you also can take a bemo, a public bus. But this is not possible in the harbor lembar or in the airport, you will have to walk to the main junction, around one kilometer away. In the harbor there are pushy drivers who try to offer the trip at a high price.

The best thing you can do is to give us a call or sms or e-mail, so we can pick you up in Lombok ( Lembar, Mataram or airport Praya). The price is  250.000 IDR up to 350.000 idr). We can also pick you up from Bangsal (Teluk Nare), harbour Sengigi, or Kuta Lombok. (price: 400.000 IDR up to 450.000) or you can take a Blue Bird metered taxi. The transport will bring you to harbor Tembowong for the boatcross to Gili Gede.

If you are in Mataram, Praya or Lembar and it is too late to arrive at Via Vacare in time because of sunset and low tide, you are welcome to stay at Ratu´s Guest House in central Mataram, or halfway in village Tawn (ef Krisna bungalows), or Bil hotel near airport.

Since february 2016, there is a fast boat operating , leaving Bali from Serangan harbour( around 20 km from Kuta airport), ging to Gili Gede, arriving at Villa Kokomo , village Orong Bukal. from There we pick you up for  20 minutes boat trip to Via Vacare. Cost 675.000 from Bali to Gili Gede, and 50.000 a person pick up for Via Vacare. see website http://giligetaway.com/gili-gede/




Transport from mainland (Tembowong harbor) to Via vacare we will use the public boat, it will cost IDR 25.000 a person and charter is IDR 100.000 directly to Via vacare (max 4 persons). This is the way Via vacare likes to support local economy. For our guests we will bring them free back to mainland after their stay!

If you take a public boat:

*) arrival in village Gedang Siang, 10 minutes to walk to Via Vacare.

*) only when there are more passengers then you alone. 


Route to Bali/Lombok

Fly away from Europe, Australia, America or other countries to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Denpasar, and then to Lombok by air or sea ferry.

Since October 2011 Lombok has an international airport, so maybe in future it will be possible to book a flight straight to Lombok, airport Praya.

Phone or mail Via Vacare/Jet for information and free booking advice.

In Denpasar at the airport you can get tickets to Lombok, 5 flights a day by several local air companies . But it is not easy to book these flights by internet. You can purchase tickets at the airport or in travel agencies in the main cities in Bali. But if you like, Via Vacare can help you to book a ticket in advance and send the ticket by email.

For many guests as we have experienced it is difficult to book a ticket by internet. Some companies do not have a website yet or do not accept foreign credit cards, we welcome to help our guests with finding a connecting flight and booking the ticket.

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